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From AI enablement workshop, to custom prompt engineering templates, we guide startups and SMEs through every step of integrating AI into their organisation.

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What we do

Helping startups and SMEs to make the most out of the power of GenAI

AI Workshops

We empower businesses through interactive workshops, equipping teams with the knowledge and skills to harness GenAI effectively.

Custom GenAI Solutions

We develop tailored GenAI solutions, from outbound lead-generation processes to internal administration processes we enable you to save time and resources.

GenAI Prompt Templates

We offer easy to use AI templates to help startups and SMEs to achieve exceptional output from GenAI tools - completely free!

The humans behind Nexflow

As Venture Architects, Dorian and Kilian build startups for a living. They use GenAI tools everyday hands-on to set up business operations in their new ventures.

Kilian Sorg

Kilian Sorg is a Venture Architect by background and Prompt Engineering enthusiast by heart. He helps companies at identifying business opportunities, turning them into tangible concepts and enables their teams and organisations to make them happen. As Prompt Engineer he enables companies in leveraging GenAI and develop custom software solutions for process optimisation.

Dorian Schlede

Dorian has worked as a freelancer optimizing processes and building up CRM systems. After building his own affiliate business, in early 2022 he joined the Berlin startup builder to develop and scale startups for corporates.

Harnessing the power of AI and ChatGPT he is working as a prompt engineer, supporting companies in leveraging AI to optimize their processes.

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